Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning software team is actively developing a range of products and services for today's technology-driven industries. With our proven expertise in this area, our immediate focus is on expanding our expertise and product offering. Discover the products and services we are working on here:

machine vision system

Machine Vision Systems

Harnessing the power of cutting-edge camera technology and either our in-house developed or sourced through partners embedded computing platforms, our Machine Vision Systems aim to provide solutions tailored for specific industry needs. This includes, amongst other things, advanced face recognition and object classification capabilities. 

integrated solutions

Integrated Solutions

In collaboration with third-party software providers, we ensure that our AI & ML solutions are comprehensive, addressing the multifaceted needs of our target markets. Our focus extends beyond just software, incorporating our display systems and mechanical design capabilities to ensure optimal hardware compatibility. 

Embedded AI platforms

Embedded AI Platforms

We are convinced of the potential of AI-driven embedded computing and are developing and procuring platforms that are customised for display systems. This initiative utilises our experience in both hardware and software and ensures the seamless integration of AI and ML components.

R&D Services

artificial intelligence machine learning data modul
  • Solution Design: Leveraging our strong R&D and system design capabilities, we offer custom AI/ML solution designs catering to specific industrial needs, ensuring optimal performance in application. 
  • Integration Services: With an understanding of both in-house and distributor-provided platforms, we ensure seamless integration of AI/ML components, enhancing performance and reducing implementation timelines. 
  • Customized Training: Recognizing the dynamic nature of AI/ML, we provide training services tailored to specific market needs. This covers specialized areas such as face recognition and object classification, optimizing the AI models for specific applications. 
  • Collaborative Development: In order to offer our customers not just good, but outstanding solutions, we are constantly acquiring further knowledge in the field of AI & ML and are already pleased to have various trusting partnerships that expand our expertise.

Our service, your value

Investing in our AI/ML solutions offers an avenue to harness the power of cutting-edge technology, ensuring that your systems are not just state-of-the-art but also tailored to your specific industrial needs. 

Holistic Approach

With expertise spanning across hardware, software, and services, we ensure a comprehensive solution addressing all facets of an AI-driven system

Industry Alignment

Our AI/ML solutions are tailored to the specific needs of our target markets, ensuring relevance and adding value to end users.

Seamless Integration

Given our strong background in display technology and embedded systems, our AI/ML solutions ensure compatibility and optimized performance, providing an integrated experience. 

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