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Leveraging the power of Cloud Services, we strive to offer cutting-edge solutions that empower your business. Whether it's managing content for the latest E-Paper displays or seamlessly integrating embedded systems into existing cloud environments, our products and services are crafted to drive efficiency, scalability, and innovation in the cloud domain.


E-Paper Display Content Management

With this solution, we provide a Cloud-based product primarily focused on Content Management for E-Paper displays. Still in its beta phase, this highly efficient web application enables users to provision E-Paper displays seamlessly using a Wi-Fi connection. Once connected, content can be uploaded to the cloud and strategically assigned either to all connected E-Paper displays or a select subset, depending on user preference. Moreover, the content refresh time is flexible and can be modified based on specific requirements. 

Full bonding solutions for E-Paper displays

When E-Paper displays are paired with cloud-based content management, users benefit in several ways: 

  • Flexibility: Instantly update, manage, and control content from any location at any time. 
  • Efficiency: Centralized cloud storage ensures optimal resource utilization, reducing redundancy and improving access speeds. 
  • Scalability: As the number of E-Paper displays grows, the cloud infrastructure can easily accommodate the increased demand without significant changes or upgrades. 
  • Energy Savings: E-Paper displays consume power only when updating the screen. In combination with the content management system, you can strategically plan content updates, leading to enhanced power conservation. 

R&D Services

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Cloud SDK Integration in Embedded Linux BSPs

For companies that already have an established cloud infrastructure, we offer services that enable seamless integration of the most important cloud SDKs such as AWS or Microsoft AZURE into our embedded Linux BSPs. This allows us to realise functionalities such as over-the-air updates while using existing cloud resources. This approach not only ensures consistent operations, but also simplifies the integration of embedded systems into existing ecosystems and enables smoother and more efficient business operations.

Our service, your value

Targeted Integration

Benefit from specialized tools tailored for displays, ensuring seamless content management and optimal resource utilization.

Embedded Excellence

We guarantee seamless integration of the most important cloud SDKs into your embedded Linux BSPs and maximisation of the existing cloud potential.

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