Discover our extensive portfolio of modern embedded solutions. In addition to our in-house developed Computer-on-Module (COM) products, our x86 portfolio features established and scalable embedded module standards such as COM Express® and SMARC.

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Our powerful SMARC 2.1 module is based on the latest processor generation Intel Atom® x6000E, Pentium® and Celeron® N & J series (Elkhart Lake). Thanks to the improved graphics performance of the processor, the new module can support three independent displays with a resolution of up to 4Kp60. This makes it ideal for a wide range of graphics-intensive low-power IoT applications. Compared to the previous model, the credit-card-sized eDM-SMX-EL increases CPU performance by more than 40 %, graphics performance by two times and offers an excellent performance/watt ratio (4.5W - 12W TDP) with up to four cores. With its real-time features and the different versions, it is not only suitable for Industry 4.0 and real-time IoT applications, but also for embedded systems in the area of digital signage, point of sale or kiosk.

embedded com express

COM Express®

In our portfolio we offer COM Express® Type 6 modules, which are available in Basic (125 x 95 mm) and Compact (95 x 95 mm) module sizes. All our COM Express boards comply with the PICMG® standard for x86-based Computer-on-Modules (COM) and are designed for the latest high-speed interfaces such as PCI Express Gen 4, USB 3.2, SATA and high-resolution video interfaces .

Our latest COM Express® basic Type 6 module "eDM-COMB-CR6", with Intel Core and Xeon processors of the 9th generation (codename "Coffee Lake Refresh"), offers the highest computing power in smallest dimensions. This makes it ideal for numerous applications, such as medical technology, gaming or industrial automation.

Our COM Express® compact Type 6 module "eDM-COMC-AL6" with the latest processor generation Intel Atom® x6000E, Pentium® and Celeron® N & J series (codename "Apollo Lake") combines the advantages of a high-performance platform with a fanless design. This makes it ideally suited for applications in the field of digital signage, at the point of sale (POS) or in IoT gateways.

Carrierboards / Baseboards

embedded baseboard

For our computer-on-modules, we offer suitable carrier boards that allow customised adaptations to the respective required communication interfaces.

Due to the modular design, customised products that are supposed to have a high application-specific connectivity and are perfectly tailored to the needs of the respective field of application can be realised. The greatest advantage of a segmentation into the two components of COMs and carrier boards is that a migration to later processor generations is made easier. In addition, users' time, risks and development costs can be reduced.

For the rapid implementation of COMs, we offer standard baseboards for SMARC and COM Express® Type 6 in mini-ITX format. To expand the product portfolio, we offer a standard baseboard for the Toradex Colibri series.

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