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With our application software products and development services, we offer you a selection of standard and customised solutions. Read more about our products, services and your benefits here.

easy analyser software

easyANALYZER for PCAP Touch

Our dedicated tool for PCAP Touch devices, the "easyANALYZER", supports DATA MODUL controllers based on Microchip maXTouch and ILITEK controller ICs. It simplifies the user experience by offering the ability to save and load configuration files and providing essential debug data. For a more intuitive analysis, the tool also visualizes this debug data using a 3D graph and is equipped with logging functionality to analyze specific use cases.

More about easyANALYZER

maxcs software

maXcs Software Suite for Transportation

Our Software Suite called "maXcs" is a Content Management System developed to display important transport information. In railway stations, for example, it provides real-time information on train arrival and departure times by displaying timely and relevant data.

More about our maXcs Software Suite

R&D Services

menü software apps
  • Custom application software: Our team has extensive skills in multiple technologies like C++, Qt, C#, efficient database design, even on embedded devices, and Python. This spectrum enables us to develop customised software applications that meet a wide range of market requirements.
  • UI/UX Design: With our passion for Displays, we are recognizing the importance of an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface. Thus, we collaborate with highly qualified partners for impressive UI/UX designs to provide an engaging user experience. 
  • Continuous Development and Testing: Employing CI/CD practices, we ensure that our application software remains up-to-date and bug-free. Furthermore, we utilize the Squish framework for automated user interface tests, ensuring every touchpoint functions as intended and offers seamless interactivity. 
  • Dynamic Scaling: Collaborating with qualified external partners allows us to scale our development operations based on the project's demands, ensuring timely delivery and optimal resource allocation. 

Our service, your value

Partnering with us for application software guarantees robust solutions, tailored to market demands and optimized for the display technology landscape.

Holistic Development

We consider both back-end operations and front-end user experience, ensuring the software not only performs well but is also user-friendly.

Tailored Solutions

Whether it's a tool for PCAP touch devices or a Content Management System: our products and services are designed to cater to specific market requirements.

Reliable Partner Ecosystem

Our collaborations with external partners ensure that we bring the best of both worlds – our core expertise in display technology, complemented by niche skills from our partners.

Continuous Improvement

By integrating CI/CD and automated testing, we ensure the software is consistently refined, updated, and error-free.

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