Cyber Security

Partnering with us for your Cyber Security needs ensures a blend of technical expertise, tailored solutions, and a human-centric approach.

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Linux Yocto BSP Maintenance

Leveraging our expertise in Linux Yocto BSPs, we offer comprehensive concepts aimed at maintaining the BSP under cyber security apects. Our strategy for keeping your systems secure revolves around continual updates, thorough checks, and preventative measures to guard against potential threats. 

R&D Services

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  • Vulnerability Assessment using CVE and Mailing Lists: Our approach to maintaining high levels of cyber security involves a rigorous scanning of sources such as the CVE database and dedicated security mailing lists. Integrated with CI/CD methods, we can efficiently address these vulnerabilities, ensuring your systems remain resilient and fortified against cyber threats. 
  • Embedded System Hardening: By implementing features such as secure booting, port filtering, optimised Linux kernel configurations and read-only file systems, we improve the resilience of your systems. If required, we work with industry-leading partners to take advantage of external expert opinion. 
  • Customised Service Contracts: As cyber security requirements vary from market to market and client to client, we offer customised service contracts. With these contracts, we commit to regularly updating, monitoring and improving the existing security framework.
  • Flexible Cost and Invoicing Models: To ensure that the financial aspects of our partnership can be tailored to the specific needs and preferences of our customers, we develop individual cost and billing models together with our customers.

Our service, your value

Human Factor in Cyber Security

While technology is at the forefront of Cyber Security, the human element remains crucial. Establishing trust and building lasting relationships with our clients is a cornerstone of our approach. By providing a personal contact for every project, we ensure clear communication, swift responsiveness, and a tangible sense of reliability.  

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