eMotion LCD Controller Boards

Discover our in-house developed LCD controller boards of the eMotion series! Our broad range of display controllers is specifically designed for industrial requirements and has been tailored to a wide variety of target markets.

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Many interfaces and a wide range of features

Depending on the design, our eMotion LCD controller boards offer various video inputs such as DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, USB Type C (DP) and VGA (RGB). In addition to standard panels with single/dual channel LVDS input and resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 pixels, panels with quad channel LVDS, eDP (up to 8 lanes), V-By-One (up to 8 lanes) and resolutions up to 4K (UHD) can also be controlled.
All eMotion boards are available as a complete LCD controller board kit including all components (OSD board, cables, backlight driver, power supply and sensors if required).

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Special features of the eMotion boards such as DDC/CI support, OSD via RS232, PiP, PbP, FRC and gamma colour matching (e.g. DICOM) enable cost-effective integration into demanding monitor applications. Furthermore, temperature, ambient light, proximity and acceleration sensors (shock sensors) can be easily integrated.
In addition to the eMotion LCD controller boards, we provide suitable tools for controlling, monitoring and maintenance upon customer request.
To enable the control of speakers, an audio amplifier board is also available for selected LCD controllers.

Specific On Screen Display

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All boards of the eMotion family have a uniform, DATA MODUL-specific on-screen display (menu). This allows convenient control of the extensive functions of the LCD controller boards. A special service menu is also available for maintenance purposes. Operation is either via keyboard (OSD board) or optionally via an infrared remote control.

eMotion NTx:x series

controller boards

Our new eMotion LCD controller boards are based on high performance scaler SoCs and offer a suitable solution in different form factors for every application.

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Outstanding features of the eMotion boards

Ambient Light Control / ALC

The ALC function enables ambient light-dependent brightness adjustment of the display backlight. Thanks to this feature, optimal readability of the display can be achieved under all environmental brightness conditions. In addition, the power consumption of the units is reduced to a minimum, thus increasing the service life of the monitors. Our Ambient Light Control system reacts only to visible light and can therefore also correctly read daylight, which has an extremely high (invisible) IR component. The ALC function can be configured individually to suit the respective application.  

Display Performance Monitoring / DPM

The Display Performance Monitoring (DPM) function continuously monitors the correct operation of the display via a panel sensor. Critical errors, such as a faulty backlight system, a defective power supply unit or a malfunctioning TCON board, can thus be detected quickly and precisely. For this purpose, together with a sensor, a small flashing square is displayed on the screen (size depends on the resolution and diagonal of the display, typically 4x4 pixels), which is positioned inconspicuously in a corner of the screen. The sensor checks the regular flashing of the white square and reacts in case of malfunctions or errors. The system is then either restarted directly and/or an error message is issued.

Automatic Backlight Stabilization / ABS

The brightness of a backlight system naturally decreases continuously over the operating time. To keep the brightness constant over a longer period of time, our Automatic Backlight Stabilization (ABS) function can be integrated.
To create a sufficient control range, the maximum backlight brightness is first reduced slightly (e.g. to 80%).
A brightness sensor continuously measures the backlight brightness and the backlight power is readjusted accordingly. Thus, the display keeps its brightness constant until the control limit is reached. Only after that period the backlight becomes darker. In addition, the automatic backlight stabilization enables the output of an error message as soon as the backlight has reached the end of its service life.

Display Kits

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Based on our extensive portfolio of the eMotion board series, we can provide corresponding display kits. In addition to the display and LCD controller board, these kits contain an OSD board, the appropriate cable set (e.g. for the display interface and the backlight) and, if necessary, a backlight converter (LED driver). Furthermore, a power supply unit and, if required, appropriate sensors (e.g. light sensor) can be included in the kit. Our customized kits can be easily integrated into  customer specific monitor applications. The components of the kits are carefully matched to each other and, together with the specific firmware, are subjected to extensive tests before release.


DATA MODUL Customizing - Embedded

For special applications, we can also develop customised LCD controller boards. These include eMotion boards based on "intelligent" microcontrollers, which are normally used in smaller HMI applications. They can be used to control displays with SPI, I2C or TTL video interfaces without any problems.
Our hardware and software for the eMotion boards is developed by our experienced R&D team. The firmware of the eMotion series has been specially designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of target markets. At the customer's request, the software can be individually adapted, e.g. to connect special peripheral devices or to implement additional features.

More about our customizing possibilities

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