Operating Systems

Our portfolio in the area of operating systems offers our users versatile, reliable and industrial-grade solutions. Discover our product range here.

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Embedded Linux (Board Support Package)

With the YOCTO build system, our Embedded Linux (BSP) is a reliable solution optimized for various industrial requirements. YOCTO ensures flexibility and enables customized operating system configurations. In addition, the design is compatible with a wide range of hardware configurations, simplifying integration. We offer you both downstream and upstream (mainline) BSPs for our embedded platforms.

Software realtime

Real-time Operating Systems

Our real-time operating systems are designed for applications that require guaranteed response times. This is especially critical for industries that require time-critical operations to ensure that tasks are processed in a given time frame without buffering or delay. Such an operating system provides deterministic response times and ensures system reliability and stability.

software android

Android for Embedded

Mainly known as a consumer-oriented interface, Android is equally compelling in the industrial sector. The intuitive nature of Android can be leveraged for industrial purposes while being robust enough to handle industrial workloads. It is a balance between the ease of use known from the consumer world, the driver requirements for the hardware interfaces needed in an industrial environment, and cybersecurity.

R&D Services

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  • BSP Customization: Using our expertise, we adjust BSPs to meet specific customer and market needs. This customization aids in operational efficiency and aligns with business objectives.
  • Driver Development: We offer services in driver development within the Linux kernel, ensuring optimal hardware interaction and guaranteed performance.
  • Automated Testing & CI/CD: Utilizing automated testing, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL), and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) for our BSPs allows for quicker deployment, immediate error detection, and continuous improvement.
  • Adaptability: Our OS services are designed to work seamlessly with rapidly changing hardware in the display industry. Our BSPs are designed to quickly adopt to new TFT display timings to address possible second-source strategies or end-of-life scenarios.
  • Security: Efforts are consistently placed to improve system defenses against potential threats by providing continuous updates and patches.
  • User Experience: Ongoing refinement of OS interfaces ensures intuitive interactions and streamlined operations such as integration into a customer Cloud-Environment.

Our service, your value

Engaging with our Operating System offerings ensures a partnership geared towards advancing display technology while meeting specific industrial demands.

Tailored Solutions

Receive a solution that aligns with your needs, optimized in performance and operations.

Comprehensive Expertise

Our services, from driver development to automated testing, offer a holistic approach, ensuring customer focused operations.

Consistent Evolution

The CI/CD approach guarantees that software remains up-to-date, evolving with client needs, market trends, and technological advancements.

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