Our touch portfolio

Touch solutions are an essential part of our product portfolio. As a leading supplier of PCAP touch modules, we have all common bonding technologies available. For a perfect touch experience, we focus on touch sensors and controller boards developed in-house and offer complete PCAP and PCT (projected capacitive) solutions - consisting of touch sensor, controller, firmware, cover glass and optical bonding - from a single source.

touch technologies data modul

Touch technologies

Modern touchscreen technologies have revolutionised interaction with electronic devices. Here you will find an overview of the leading touch technologies and how they work.

easyTOUCH displays from DATA MODUL

easyTOUCH / PCAP products

Our products of the easyTOUCH series enable us to offer individual solutions and short delivery times for customer-specific requirements. This makes us unique in the market!

easyTOUCH starter kit by DATA MODUL

easyTOUCH Starter Kit

As a convenient evaluation kit, our easyTOUCH Starter Kit contains all necessary components to discover our competences and technologies in the field of PCAP touch and display.

custom touch sensors tails data modul

Custom touch sensors & tails

In our portfolio you will find a wide range of touch components with different sensor technologies, tails and controller boards and thus offer touch solutions tailored to customer needs. 

easyANALYZER PCAP Software

Software & Tuning

Thanks to our software tools, we can adapt, parameterise and fine-tune touch settings individually and according to the respective requirement profile. 

finger on a touch display

Our partners in the touch area

As experts in the field of modern touch technologies, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of pre-configured capacitive and resistive touch sensors from leading manufacturers. 

Touch gesture controle

Advanced input methods

Besides the traditional operation by touching a touch display with one or more fingers or a conductive stylus, we offer a variety of alternative input methods such as haptics, force touch, gesture control, voice control or even knob-on displays.

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Customizing at DATA MODUL

Customised solutions

From the concept to the final product: we offer system engineering at the highest level as well as competent expert consultation in the areas of display, touch, embedded and systems.

Customised solutions

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The right solution for every application and every sector: from industrial HMIs to medicine, digital signage, gaming, the food industry...  there is no area where we cannot fulfil our customers' wishes.

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We see ourselves as "passionate enablers" and as pioneers of your ideas. We put listening and questions before advice and continue to listen until all components - hardware, software and services - together fulfil what our customer wants.

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