Developed for professional 24/7 applications, our monitors offer a wide range of application fields. Whether open frame or standalone, our monitor solutions can be expanded with additional features such as safety glass, touch sensors and LCD controller boards and convince with their long-term availability and their "Form, Fit & Function" design.

DATA MODUL monitors being produced

Advantages of our monitor solutions

Our monitor solutions are designed for long-term industrial operation, i.e. they function stably and error-free even under demanding operating conditions. Our extensive range of products in the most common diagonals not only saves development costs, but also significantly reduces the time to market. In addition, the large number of standard products also allows us to realise smaller projects and provides an ideal basis for simple prototyping of new applications. Our service portfolio is rounded off by competent certification and software support, which enables our customers to quickly implement the product idea to the final product.

DATA MODUL monitors

open frame monitor data modul

Open frame monitors

Discover our "Plug&Play" open frame monitor solutions for easy mechanical integration into your system!

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standalone monitors data modul

Stand alone monitors

Equipped with robust metal housings and numerous software features such as ambient light control or pixel shifting, our standalone monitors are not only suitable for use in professional 24/7 applications. Discover our wide range of standalone monitors!

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Our monitor partners

partner monitors data modul

We also have a comprehensive range of monitor solutions from world leading manufacturers. Our monitors are available in different designs (e.g. open frame, standalone), formats (16:9, 4:3, stretched) and sizes from 7" to 70". This means that we can offer suitable monitors for almost every customer requirement that are perfectly adapted to the respective operating conditions.

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Application examples

Smart Retail

Kiosk System / Smart Retail

Display systems in modern kiosk systems form the interactive interface to the user. Not only do they have to be durable and robust, they also have to ensure unrestricted readability under changing ambient light situations, for example. Our monitors meet these criteria and can be easily adapted to the respective application areas. 

Suitable diagonals: 10.1 inch / 18.5 inch / 21.5 inch / 31.5 inch

Entrance control

Entrance Control / Smart Retail

The relevance of entry and entrance control systems with monitors has increased significantly in the recent past. With our monitor solutions, professional control systems can be realised for almost any application.  For this purpose, we not only offer products with simple control and integration options, but also in an attractive, flat design.

Suitable diagonals: 7 inch / 10.1 inch / 21.5 inch 



Especially in the gaming and infotainment sector, the design of the display systems is of decisive importance in addition to performance. With our monitors, we can offer modern, durable system solutions with which robust and at the same time space-saving applications can be realised.

Suitable diagonals: 10.1 inch / 21.5 inch / 31.5 inch

Industrial HMI

Industrial HMI

Designed for industrial use, our monitors can be operated 24/7 without any problems. Our touch display systems can even be operated with gloves or when exposed to water or dirt. For use in particularly demanding environmental conditions, we also offer support with special sealing concepts or integration in IP enclosures. Of course, the monitors can also be given special protection with a robust cover glass - without any loss of usability.

Suitable diagonals: 7 inch / 10.1 inch / 21.5 inch 

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

For use in public spaces or in highly frequented areas, strict regulations sometimes apply to the use of monitors nowadays. Thanks to reinforced cover glass and robust enclosures, these can be excellently protected against vandalism and also pass current fire behaviour tests. With our modular enclosure concepts or use in portrait or landscape format, customised design requirements can also be met effortlessly.

Kiosk System / Smart Retail
Entrance Control / Smart Retail
Industrial HMI
Digital Signage

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Customizing at DATA MODUL

Customised solutions

From the concept to the final product: we offer system engineering at the highest level as well as competent expert consultation in the areas of display, touch, embedded and systems.

Customised solutions

Sectors & Markets of DATA MODUL


The right solution for every application and every sector: from industrial HMIs to medicine, digital signage, gaming, the food industry...  there is no area where we cannot fulfil our customers' wishes.

Our sectors

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Whether display, cover glass, touch sensor or embedded board: based on our hardware portfolio, we not only offer you customised products, but also create unique experiences. Take a look at our product finder and the various hardware categories here.

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