E-Paper displays

Low power consumption, extreme viewing angles and excellent readability even in bright environments: E-Paper displays offer many advantages that make them ideal for applications where conventional LCDs are not suitable and where power supply and space are limited.

e-paper display restaurant

Structure of an E-Paper display

SVG Image
structure of an e-paper display

E-Paper displays use the principle of electrophoresis. Here, microcapsules are used that are filled with a transparent, viscous polymer. This polymer contains white (positively charged) and black (negatively charged) particles that can be moved to the top depending on the polarity of the voltage at the electrodes. The microcapsules have an average diameter of just about 40 µm. By temporarily applying an electrical voltage once, the alignment of the microcapsules can be enabled and content can be displayed. The orientation of the capsules - and thus the respective content - remains constant for years or until a voltage is applied again. Like real paper, E-Paper displays reflect light, which means they are entirely passive, reflective displays.


e-paper display 3 colours
  • available sizes: up to 42"
  • in A-formats available e.g. A2
  • energy-saving: power only needs to be applied to change the image
  • colours: black/white or red/yellow as standard; up to 4096 colours in total possible
  • also available in flexible versions

Your advantages at a glance

SVG Image
icon readability

Sunlight readable

SVG Image
icon viewing angle

Wide viewing angle

SVG Image
24/7 operation

Always on

SVG Image
low power operation

Extremely low power consumption

SVG Image
icon paper like

Crispy images similar to printed paper

SVG Image
icon eye-friendly

Easy on the eyes

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Application examples

e-paper display smart city

Smart city solutions

Info board

Information signs

epaper eposter data modul


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