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easyTOUCH displays from DATA MODUL

Our in-house developments of the easyTOUCH series enable us to offer individual solutions and short delivery times for customer-specific requirements. In addition, they have been specially developed for industrial applications with extended temperature range and long-term availability. This makes us unique in the market and meets our mission to always offer suitable and efficient solutions for touchscreen products.

Projected capacitive touch

PCAP touch OCA with ITO

What is PCAP / PCT?

PCAP or PCT stands for "projected capacitive touch". In this touch technology, the touch sensor consists of two transparent conductive layers (ITO - Indium Tin Oxide - or metal mesh). The sensor fields (patterns) are usually square and offset. The field lines are projected over the cover material. The touch event / interaction is triggered by a conductive object (e.g. finger) in which the capacitance change between the two electrodes occurs.  This allows the exact position of the interaction / touch to be determined and a corresponding signal or event to be triggered.


DATA MODUL Touch Solutions


  • sizes from 1.3" to 86" can be realized
  • slim bezel design possible
  • very high transparency (up to 90%) possible
  • multi-touch function up to 10 fingers
  • high temperature range of application possible
  • customer specific design of the glass optional possible
  • cover glass thicknesses individually designable from 0.7 to 8.0 mm
  • various surface treatments available

easyTOUCH Plus

easytouch plus

Our easyTOUCH Plus product category combines printed cover glasses with our own easyTOUCH PCAP technology and a corresponding controller. Similar to a modular system, it is possible to implement customer requirements flexibly and individually. Compared to our easyTOUCH display series, the easyTOUCH Plus products are delivered without an assembled display. Thanks to their design and high stability, the glass/touch components as well as the display can be easily and independently integrated into customer systems. This gives customers more flexibility in choosing the right display and also ensures easier replacement in case of required service.

easyTOUCH Displays

easytouch displays controller

Our in-house developed touch displays are based on projected capacitive technology (PCAP) and can be integrated quickly and easily into a wide range of applications. The individual components are ideally matched to each other and are characterized by excellent quality, high durability and long-term availability. Let our range of easyTOUCH display series convince you!

Product overview

Screen size

Resolution (px)

Display Interface

Touch Controller

Touch Interface

03.5" 320x240 24-bit TTL-RGB ILI2511 I2C or USB
04.3" 480x272 24-bit TTL-RGB ILI2511 I2C or USB
07.0" 800x480 24-bit TTL-RGB ILI2511 I2C or USB
07.0" 800x480 LVDS mXT640T USB
10.1" 1280x800 LVDS mXT640T USB
12.1" 1280x800 LVDS mXT2952T2 USB
13.3" 1920x1080 LVDS mXT2952T2 USB
15.6" 1366x768 LVDS mXT2952T2 USB
15.6" 1920x1080 LVDS mXT2952T2 USB
18.5" 1920x1080 LVDS mXT2952T2 USB
21.5" 1920x1080 LVDS mXT2952T2 USB

easyTOUCH Starter Kit

easytouch starterkit

Easy entry into the world of PCAP and displays

As a convenient evaluation kit, our easyTOUCH Starter Kit contains all necessary components to discover our competences and technologies in the field of PCAP touch and display.

More about our easyTOUCH Starter Kit



easyTOUCH Starter Kit - Screenshot easyANALYZER

With our easyANALYZER software, debug, analysis and log data can be accessed and settings can be changed. In addition, a variety of touch parameters can be adjusted and malfunctions can be detected early and analyzed with minimal effort. The software is compatible with Windows and Linux.

All information about easyANALYZER

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