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Florian Pesahl, CEO DATA MODUL

Dr. Florian Pesahl, CEO DATA MODUL

DATA MODUL's history is characterised by constant growth, continuous development and the passionate striving for progress. In addition to our first-class employees, our success factors have always included our innovative strength, flexibility and long-term business strategies.

With our extensive product portfolio and services, as well as 50 years of experience in the electronics industry, we look forward with confidence to a successful future and the continued positive development of DATA MODUL AG.


50 years DATA MODUL

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We would like to say THANK YOU to all our employees for their commitment and contribution to the company's success and to all our customers, suppliers and partners for our long-term relationships! You all have made it possible to look back on 50 years of DATA MODULs success story!

Employee voices

Markus Hell, Head of Product Managementt DATA MODUL

"DATA MODUL's biggest change is probably the transformation from distributor to system provider. Today, we not only have an excellent display portfolio, but can offer our customers everything from a single source: from touch extensions to the latest controller boards to special housing concepts. Our many years of experience and our expertise in research and development make us truly unique in the market."

Markus Hell

Jens Grumme

"For me, one of the key factors in DATA MODUL's success is and has always been our employees. Our sales figures clearly show how successfully we have developed over the past decades. I believe that without motivated employees and the great team spirit, such a great success would not have been possible."

Jens Grumme

Sandra Bismanns DATA MODUL

"My tasks as a Product Manager are very versatile and varied and depend on constantly changing factors and priorities. This makes my job so exciting. I particularly enjoy the contact with my Asian suppliers and the immersion in their culture. The direct contact with them is very important to me and has deepened over the years."

Sandra Bismanns

Peter Jendros DATA MODUL

"DATA MODUL has grown strongly: When I started back then, DATA MODUL had under 100 employees. Today we have almost 500 colleagues working in different parts of the world. In recent years we have developed from a small Munich company into an important, globally active player in the field of HMI solutions."

Peter Jendros

Manfred Steber, DATA MODUL

"Our company is constantly evolving. Our products grow with the requirements and become more and more complex. Through our available display technologies, as well as our touch, embedded, system, glass, bonding and manufacturing competencies, we can meet the increased demands and always offer our customers the best solution."

Manfred Steber

Beate Junker

„For more than 10 years now, I have had the privilege to be part of DATA MODUL’s success story. There have been eventful times - highs and sometimes lows that have carried me along and inspired me. I have always been motivated by the chance to influence and set the course of the company within the scope of my own capabilities. An environment in which performance and team spirit count equally is the basis of success for me. The fact that we have managed to keep the spirit of a medium-sized company despite all the growth and to work out solutions together quickly, flexibly and ambitiously is my greatest motivation.“

Beate Junker

Oguz Gökce

"Despite all the development and changes at DATA MODUL, there is one thing that has never changed: the collegiality among each other. For me, a clear success factor of the company is the strong team spirit of the employees. Many have been with us for a very long time and have a friendly relationship."

Oguz Gökce

Alex Trica

"I am most excited about DATA MODUL's development in the area of touch products and bonding competencies. We are now one of the largest optical bonding companies in the industrial sector - an achievement we are very proud of. For me, it is particularly fascinating and motivating to be part of this success and to contribute to this development."

Alex Trica

Camila Arend

"Customer satisfaction is our top priority in sales. I find it particularly exciting to accompany the customer from the project idea to the implementation of the final product and to provide competent advice. Thanks to our expertise and many years of experience, we find the ideal solution for every customer. We serve customers from all over the world. This intercultural exchange always inspires me."

Camila Arend

Jörn Wittig

"For me, DATA MODUL's strength lies primarily in its adaptability - above all to new market requirements. At DATA MODUL, this flexibility is extremely well-developed and the basis for continuing to be forward-looking and successful. And not only in terms of products and technologies, but also in the entire corporate culture."

Jörn Wittig

As our partners congratulated...

A big thank you to our partners for their congratulations on the occasion of our 50th anniversary!

Logo DMC

„Congratulations on your 50th anniversary. We are pleased to have been in business with you for a long time since 1997. We have done a lot of work together and shared a lot of joy. We hope that we will continue to be good partners.”

Logo MSI

“We congratulate DATA MODUL on the 50th anniversary. We would like to thank the precious partnership between DATA MODUL and MSI. We’re looking forward to further success and cooperation.”

Logo ASRock

„Happy golden anniversary to DATA MODUL and much success in the upcoming future! All the best for the company and congratulations on this special day.”

Logo Sharp

"50 years is a long time, but only part of a journey that Sharp wishes you will still be long and full of great satisfactions and successes, both professional and human, and that we have had the honour of sharing with you for more than half of its time."

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