Expansion of our Ruggedized Displays portfolio


DATA MODUL expands its existing portfolio of Ruggedized TFTs and now offers for the very first time sunlight readable Rugged models from Ortustech/Toppan. Thanks to the optimized mechanical design and the use of particularly robust components the new Rugged Series meets all requirements ranging from extended temperature range to vibration resistance.

sunlight readable rugged displays from Ortustech/Toppan

Like the previous models, they impress with their patented Blanview technology, which gives them excellent readability, even in bright sunlight. In addition, they are characterized by low power consumption and low heat generation. This makes the new Rugged models ideal for a wide range of indoor, outdoor, stationary and mobile applications.

The new Blanview models will soon be available in three different sizes: The 4.3-inch COM43H4N44ULC with a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels and RGB interface, the 5.0-inch COM50H5N01ULC and the 7.0-inch COM70H7M24ULC - both with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and LVDS interface, for easy integration in any application. A highlight of all new models is the significantly extended storage temperature range of -40°C to +95°C and operating temperature range of -30°C to 85°C, making the Rugged models even more suitable for applications in extreme climates. In addition, these new models can withstand shocks and vibrations of up to 6.8G.

The high-quality new Ortustech/Toppan models are ideal for heavy-duty environment

"The high-quality new Ortustech/Toppan models are ideal for heavy-duty environment, such as road construction, agriculture or the maritime sector. The new Rugged series can overcome challenges such as high ambient brightness, extreme temperature fluctuations and harsh conditions. At the same time, the Blanview technology with its low power consumption and heat generation ensures that the models are also ideally suited for battery powered applications," explains Sandra Bismanns, Product Marketing Manager Line Management at DATA MODUL.

DATA MODUL offers suitable PCAP touch extensions for all models, depending on customer requirements. In addition, for the 5.0 inch as well as the 7.0 inch, there are the standard ST1:3 controller boards of the eMotion series, which enables simple and quick evaluation of the TFT.

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