New: Button deck monitor for gaming applications

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One of our latest developments is an innovative button deck monitor that is ideally suited for integration into casino gaming machines. The used 19.1" stretched panel has a resolution of 1920x360, a contrast ratio of 1200:1 and a viewing angle of 89° in all directions. Equipped with some outstanding features, the button deck monitor impressively demonstrates the core competencies of our four product areas combined in one product.

New button deck monitor - inductive charging

While playing, smart phones can be simultaneously loaded on the inductive charging field.

New button deck monitor - protective cover glass

According to the market requirements, the protective glass is particularly resistant due to the 5mm thickness.

New button deck monitor - NFC technology

The integrated NFC technology ensures efficient player protection and identification.

Thanks to PCAP touch technology, the device is particularly easy and intuitive to operate. By individually adjusting touch settings - taking into account the respective glass thickness - perfect touch functionality is ensured at all times. The cover glass used has a thickness of 5mm and is thus particularly resistant to potential external force. In addition, the glass is translucent printed in the area of the LEDs, which are attached to the edge of the display, thus achieving even illumination of the monitor. By placing a personalised card on the integrated NFC reader, users can identify themselves directly on the device and execute corresponding actions. While operators are using the slot machine, they can charge their smartphone wirelessly/inductively in parallel on a specially provided field. The button deck monitor is controlled by our proprietary eMotion LCD controller boards, which are specifically designed to meet demanding industrial requirements. In addition, it is equipped with a unique LED lighting concept that can be flexibly designed using our in-house software.

On request, we can develop individual unit designs for gaming machines that are precisely tailored to customer requirements. With regard to panel size, formats, glass designs as well as various additional features, such as haptic feedback, knob-on displays, Ambient Light Control (ALC) etc., there are almost no limits to the individualisation possibilities.

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