Custom displays

The need for displays in special shapes and formats or for applications with particularly challenging specifications is higher than ever before.
For more than 40 years, we have been developing customised display solutions that are perfectly fitted to our customers' needs. We offer a wide range of customisation options - from the selection of the appropriate display technology to numerous value-added services: we are the ideal partner for customised display solutions.

Custom Displays by DATA MODUL

Our semi-custom/full-custom solutions

Whether semi-custom or full-custom solutions: We will find the display solution perfectly tailored to the customer's needs and the required area of application. There are almost no limits to the individualisation options. Thanks to our extensive technology range, our many years of expertise and a wide range of additional services, we can not only provide ideal consultation, but also implement display solutions for all customer requirements efficiently and professionally.

custom display technologies portfolio

Our display technologies portfolio

Whether low power or high brightness - from monochrome to 4K: our range of display technologies offers the right solution for almost every requirement and application. Thanks to our versatile technologies such as ePaper, MIP, TFT, LCD, FALD or OLED, we provide integrated display solutions that are perfectly suited to your needs.

More about the display technologies

Individual displays for modern product designs

For modern HMI applications, an appealing product design has become an essential factor. This is accompanied by increasing requirements and demand for displays in special formats and with individual designs. For this purpose, we offer an extensive range of displays in special shapes. In addition to classic rectangular formats, we also have round and square or stretched displays (bar type) and, if required, we can also successfully realise fully customised displays based on our many years of experience.

Custom Displays for modern designs

Possible applications

The application possibilities for modern display solutions are as diverse as the variety of our products. The respective area of application makes the most varied requirements on the features and functions that a display has to fulfil. Thanks to our numerous customisation options, there are almost no limits to potential areas of application. In addition to displays suitable for the use in particularly harsh indoor or outdoor environments, we can also realise solutions for special applications, such as in the medical sector, thanks to our ISO certification.

Learn more about our solutions and advantages for a wide range of applications!

Home automation

Home Automation

Industrial display by DATA MODUL


Medical display

Medical & Health Care

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DATA MODUL products


Our own products are perfectly coordinated, meet the highest quality standards and are characterised by long-term availability and short delivery times. 

Sectors & Markets of DATA MODUL

Sectors & Markets

From industrial HMI to medicine and digital signage applications. We offer customised display solutions for a wide range of applications.

Competencies of DATA MODUL

Our competences

Our experience, industry expertise and market knowledge in all areas of display technology make us the perfect partner for professional display solutions.

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