Touch sensors, Tails & Touch controller

Custom touch tails
Custom touch tails
Custom touch tails
Custom touch tails
Custom touch tails
Custom touch sensors

Customised touch solutions

Also in the area of touch components, we can provide various customisation options.  In addition to our established sensor technologies such as SITO (Single-Sided-ITO), G/F/F (Glass-Film-Film), we can flexibly respond to customer wishes and offer different tail lengths, widths, shapes, as well as passive and active (Chip-on-Flex) tails. The position of the tail outlet can also be freely determined. The final selection is always based on the application requirements of the final product.

Application examples

Thanks to the large number of possible customisation options, our touch products can be perfectly adapted to customer needs. This enables us to implement modern solutions for almost any application and field of use. Whether extreme environmental conditions such as particularly high/low temperatures, limited installation space or special hygiene requirements: we find the perfect touch solution for every customer requirement!

Smart Home solutions

Smart Home

Signage solutions

Digital signage

Medical solutions


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Our own products are perfectly coordinated, meet the highest quality standards and are characterised by long-term availability and short delivery times. 

Sectors & Markets of DATA MODUL

Sectors & Markets

From industrial HMI to medicine and digital signage applications. We offer customised display solutions for a wide range of applications.

Competencies of DATA MODUL

Our competences

Our experience, industry expertise and market knowledge in all areas of display technology make us the perfect partner for professional display solutions.

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