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D-80687 München

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Distributor and manufacturer of industrial display solutions

We are one of the world's leading display technology partners and Europe's market leader in industrial display solutions.
With our extensive distribution portfolio of all leading manufacturers, we can efficiently serve almost all customer requirements.
This enables us to create a platform for modern and innovative application designs and sustainably pursue our product strategies, which are oriented towards industrial applications.

For the perfect implementation of visual communication between man and machine, our professional services such as long-term availability, spare parts service and lifecycle management, are the ideal complement to our range of consulting and services.

Industrial LCD TFT Display


Our product portfolio is comprised of high-quality TFT displays of all the market leaders and convincing value-added solutions.

Exploded view of a touch display

Touch Displays

Today's displays are more than just display units. As HMIs, they also interact with the respective user. That is why DATA MODUL offers the corresponding industrial touch panels and controller solutions for almost every display.

2 ePaper Displays (e-Ink) in landscape and portrait format

ePaper Displays

ePaper Displays hold the last image displayed without power supply. They are therefore ideal for applications requiring minimal power consumption because the electrophoretic technology requires energy only to change the picture.


Two Memory in Pixel Displays with different shapes

MiP Displays

Memory-in-pixel displays require little energy and emit no light. Thus, they are ideal for applications that can not do without battery operation and/or are exposed to a very bright environment.

Examples of Passive Displays

Passive Displays

DATA MODUL offers a broad range of monochrome, alphanumeric and graphic LCD modules for industrial applications.

Customized displays with/without touch sensor

Customized Displays

Customized TFT and passive displays are individual, performance-optimized and cost-effective display solutions. DATA MODUL guarantees technical and design USPs with semi customized and fully customized display solutions. 

OLED with different shapes and content


Innovative OLED technology produces excellent visual display at the best contrast ratios and low energy consumption. New manufacturing technologies make a variety of innovative applications possible.


Latest Displays News
New to our portfolio: 27" UHD TFT from LG

This new diagonal closes the gap between 23.8" and 31.5" in the UHD display range