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Distributor of displays and manufacturer of in-house developments

Over the last 40 years, DATA MODUL has become a leading display technology partner and is European market leader in the industrial display division.

As distributor of displays and also manufacturer of in-house developments, DATA MODUL meets the needs of industrial clients. The long-standing, constant market presence of the cooperation partners confirms the demand for product quality, quality of support, long-time availability and innovative strength.

The extensive portfolio makes it possible to create tailor-made solutions for clients in the most diversified areas. In addition to semi customized and fully customized display design solutions, DATA MODUL offers display expertise in industrial application-based product strategy using professional PCN/EOL processes and a comprehensive technical support team.

TFT Displays

Continuous customization of the product portfolio to the needs and trends of international branches and markets leads to consistent partnership development in the area of industrial display systems. The product portfolio is comprised of high-quality TFT displays of all the market leaders and convincing value-added solutions.

All TFT Displays

Passive Displays

Data Modul offers a broad range of monochrome, alphanumeric and graphic LCD modules for industrial applications.

All Passive Displays

Customized Displays

Customized TFT and passive displays are individual, performance-optimized and cost-effective display solutions. DATA MODUL guarantees technical and design USPs with semi customized and fully customized display solutions. 

All Customized Displays


Innovative OLED technology produces excellent visual display at the best contrast ratios and low energy consumption. New manufacturing technologies make a variety of innovative applications possible.


Touch Displays

Today's displays are more than just display units. As HMIs, they also interact with the respective user. That is why DATA MODUL offers the corresponding touch panels and controller solutions for almost every display.

All Value-added Displays

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Touch displays that meet industrial needs

DATA MODUL, the European market leader for industrial visual solutions, is accommodating an increasingly differentiated industrial clientele with individual needs and, as a technology leader in the field of optical bonding with its display refinement brand easyTOUCH, has developed a tiered system to meet highly specific needs


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