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Customized Displays

Decades of experience in the design of customized display solutions

Data Modul has many decades of experience in the design of customized display solutions. Current individual demands meet client and application-specific displays to a much higher degree than standard products.

DATA MODUL custom displays are found in every market segment due to economic viability and shorter lead times. Long-time engineering expertise guarantees the trouble-free development of display solutions with different form factors, diagonals and technologies.



Round Custom Display

Forms and Sizes

Upon client request, DATA MODUL designs and develops displays in almost every format. Triangular, rectangular, polygonal or round: The multitude of distinct shapes and sizes provide limitless design freedom with a unique result: A product with a genuine USP.

Mulit-colored customized tft display

The World of Display Colors

In addition to full color, customized TFT displays, DATA MODUL also offers scalable graphic displays in many colors. The broad range of colored LED display backlighting includes white, yellow-green, blue, red, amber, multi-colored (RGB) and Quattro LED (RGBW).

Sunlight readable customized LED display

Readability in Sunlight

LED display backlighting is a factor in improved readability under direct sunlight. In addition to optimal illumination, DATA MODUL utilizes modified backlighting constructions and the optical bonding of specific components by means of a special filter, ensuring unlimited use of the display unit under all lighting conditions.

Round customized display with extended temperature range

Extended Temperature Range

For unusual temperature range requirements, DATA MODUL offers custom-made display designs able to resist the thermal load of a display and its integrated components. Thermal design is improved and an extended temperature range is specified by means of temperature-resistant components and a modified product structure. The result is clearly seen through improved service life and optimized optical performance.

Ultra-low power customized display


In today's market place low power and energy conservation are always at the forefront of designs. With the help of proper display technology and state of the art semiconductors, ultra-low power displays are available. Utilizing the newest LEDs, filters and highly efficient backlight systems is part of our innovative energy-saving custom solutions.

Exploded view of a customized display


DATA MODUL has become a market leader with integrated LCD design solutions. Besides customized LCDs, TFTs and OLEDs DATA MODUL offers fully integrated solutions, designs and turn-key projects. Competent support from the initial design idea to the final customized display system solution cuts down customers' development costs and time to market.


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