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ePaper Displays

e Paper Displays - extreme energy-saving

In addition to the large portfolio of TFT LCD displays, DATA MODUL provides Electronic Paper Displays (EPD) in various sizes and variations. The ePaper Displays - also known as E-Ink Displays or electronic paper -

are ideal for applications requiring minimal power consumption because the electrophoretic technology requires an extremely low consumption of power.

Structure of an ePaper display

The ePaper displays contain microcapsules with an average diameter of approx. 40 µm which contains positive loaded white particles and negatively loaded black particles in a transparent, viscous, liquid polymer. Through an electric voltage the orientation of the microcapsules changes and enables different presentations. The orientation of the capsules and the content then remains stable for several weeks. Through another application of a voltage, the content can be changed once again.
The control of pixels occurs through EPDs by way of passive, transparent electrodes. With matrix displays, it occurs through a TFT active matrix, like it is with LCD monitors.
Coloured ePaper Displays are either equipped with coloured pigments or black-white microcapsule particles with feeder colour filters.

Examples for possibilities of application: 

  • Price labels/ Shelf Edge Advertising: A clear time-saver due to essential content management - sales prices of specific goods can be centrally controlled and amended. No manual exchange required
  • Information boards: Presentation of product and selling points, e.g. in the car dealership showroom
  • Status displays: As Smart Home equipment for sockets, WLAN connections, etc.
  • Passenger information displays: ePaper Displays can be easily read, even in sunlight, on local public transport and are therefore suitable for displaying timetables at bus or tram stations

Alongside the black-white version, DATA MODUL also offers a 3-colour version.

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