OLED - Lighter and thinner than conventional LCDs

OLED displays are available in active (AM) or passive (PM) matrix designs. Mostly monochrome PM OLED in various colors and form factors are found in the industrial sector. Technologically, OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) are self-illuminating thin film organic compounds made of organic, semiconducting materials and do not require any additional illumination source. The screens are lighter and thinner than conventional LCDs.

Contrast ratios are significantly higher because only the conductive pixels illuminate. Ultra-wide viewing angles allow for uninhibited readability at extreme angles of vision.

Monochrome Passive - Matrix OLED

Size (inch)Resolution W x H (px)Brightness (nits)Available colorsOutline Dimensions (mm)Operating Ambient Temperature
0.6694 x 48100light blue18.46 x 18.10 x 1.45-40° to 70° C
0.8296 x 39100light blue, white23.80 x 16.20 x 1.30-40° to70° C
0.8496 x 16120light blue, white29.10 x 9.20 x 1.60-30° to 70° C
0.91128 x 32150white30.00 x 11.50 x 1.45-30° to 70° C
0.96128 x 64120light blue, white26.70 x 19.26 x 1,45-30° to 70° C
1.54128 x 64120light blue, white, yellow42.04 x 27.22 x 1.45-40° to 70° C
2.23128 x 32120light blue, white, yellow62.00 x 24.00 x 2.00-30° to 70° C
2.42128 x 6480light blue, white, yellow, green60.50 x 37.00 x 2.01-30° to 70° C
2.70128 x 6480white, yellow, green73.00 x 41.86 x 2.00-40° to 70° C
2.80256 x 6480light blue84.00 x 25.80 x 2.80-30° to 85° C
3.12256 x 6480light blue, white, yellow, green88.00 x 27.80 x 2.00-30° to 85° C
5.50256 x 6480yellow, green146.00 x 45.00 x 2.00-30° to 70° C

Full color- Matrix OLED

Size (inch)Resolution W x H (px)Brightness (nits)Available colorsOutline dimensions (mm)Operating Ambient Temperature
0.9596 x 6410065K25.70 x 22.20 x 1.50-30° to 70° C
1.1096 x 9610065K25.80 x 26.15 x 1.40-30° to 70° C
1.27128 x 96100262K33.70 x 26.90 x 1.60-30° to 70° C
1.45160 x 128100262K35.80 x 30.80 x 1.60-30° to 70° C
1.50128 x 12890262K33.80 x 34.00 x 1.60-40° to 70° C
1.69160 x 12880262K39.90 x 34.00 x 1.60-40° to 70° C


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