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Extensive product range of Passive Displays

DATA MODUL offers a wide range of cost-effective alphanumeric and graphic LCD Modules, ranging from Industry Standard Modules to some unique sizes and configurations. DATA MODUL continously aim to suit our customers‘ needs and requirements. The MONOCHROME GRAPHIC & CHARACTER LCDs 

are coming with a high level of optical performance, various module technologies (COG/COB) and a wide technology range from STN, FSTN and FFSTN. The RoHS & Reach compliance as well as the extended temperature range complete the picture of this segment.

Discover the Diversity of Alphanumeric and Graphic Displays

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Touch displays that meet industrial needs

DATA MODUL, the European market leader for industrial visual solutions, is accommodating an increasingly differentiated industrial clientele with individual needs and, as a technology leader in the field of optical bonding with its display refinement brand easyTOUCH, has developed a tiered system to meet highly specific needs


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