embedded world 2024

9.4. to 11.4.2024
Nuremberg, Germany

At this year’s embedded world, we will be presenting our full-service orientation in the core competency areas of Hardware, Software and Service. 

Compact expertise in Nuremberg

At this year’s embedded world, we will be presenting our full-service orientation in the core competency areas of Hardware, Software and Service. Visitors will have the opportunity to visit our booth where they can find out more about our expertise and even experience it live on several exhibits.

easyKnob data modul

15.6" touch monitor with easyKnob

A 15.6” touch monitor equipped with an in-house developed easyKnob will be presented at the booth. This innovative solution combines the advantages of touch input with the traditional control options of a physical rotary knob, thus offering a more precise operability which is ideal for applications with increased safety requirements.

intelligent food scales weighing data modul

Intelligent food scale

In the software area, we are presenting an intelligent food scale with display, embedded electronics and camera. After placing fruit or vegetables on the scale, the camera captures the products; the integrated artificial intelligence in the embedded electronics then identifies them, determines their weight and displays the corresponding price - all using a single single-board computer (SBC).

Gesture controle medical

Gesture control

Apart from that, a versatile panel PC will be introduced that can be used in universal applications, such as for controlling an industrial washing machine. This model, which is already being used successfully in current projects, is equipped with integrated gesture sensors. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the precision of gesture-controlled functions such as swiping and clicking for themselves. One of the smart features offered by this panel is the ability to automatically activate its power-saving mode when not in use.

LCD Videowall

108” FHD dvLED Video Wall

Impressive dimensions and precision: A 108” Pixel Pitch 1.25 / 108” FHD dvLED Video Wall will be on display, which is already being used successfully for professional and commercial applications in control rooms, TV studios, businesses, airports, shopping centres, retail, art galleries, banks, casinos, restaurants, and more. This exhibit boasts a frameless, filigree and lifelike visual experience. The viewer has the feeling of standing directly in the scenery. The hot-swappable, modular unit is presented with a 16:9 aspect ratio and can be scaled to any desired resolution. The wall offers a brightness of 800 cd/m², 3840 Hz refresh rate and a contrast ratio of 6500:1.

The centrepiece of our booth: Interactive experience with the PixelPuck by DATA MODUL game

air hockey pixelpuck data modul

As in previous years, we will be equipping the booth with a particularly interactive exhibit: Interested visitors can get their hands on a high-resolution 43” J-Curved panel, where they can play PixelPuck by DATA MODUL - a game that inspired by air hockey and demonstrates our expertise in creating variable system solutions. PixelPuck by DATA MODUL comes in a futuristic setting that is located inside a technical system: The player flies through a world of circuit boards, cables and chips, all designed in a special colour theme with various lighting effects. The “enemies” in the game are knots in the cables, burnt-out coils and similar and glitch effects on the display act as the “bosses”. The aim of the game is to solve these problems with a puck and thus master the challenges of the modern world of technology.

Press release

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