High Brightness displays for Phantasialand


DATA MODUL supports the amusement park Phantasialand in the expansion of its digital visitor management

DATA MODUL is currently supporting the well-known German amusement park Phantasialand in expanding its digital signage infrastructure with new 21.5-inch open-frame high-brightness displays including IPC3-2 standalone controllers. 

Amusement park Phantasialand

The controllers which have only recently been introduced to the market are optimally suited for outdoor use. In Phantasialand, the new TFT systems will be used for POI and POW applications and will help to further expand and improve visitor management at strategically important points. Thanks to DATA MODUL’s maXcs software, the devices could be quickly and easily integrated into the already existing digital signage infrastructure. For years, the amusement park’s management has relied on the customised hardware and software solutions from DATA MODUL, one of the world's leading specialist providers of display, touch, embedded, monitor and panel PC solutions.

expansion of the digital visitor management at strategic points in the park

“High-brightness displays with LED backlighting are considered a key technology for digital signage applications outdoors and are becoming increasingly popular. This technology is mostly used when displays are exposed to bright daylight or direct sunlight and must nevertheless be readable under all conditions. Our new complete high-brightness solutions for Phantasialand enable the expansion of digital visitor management at further strategic points in the park, while at the same time ensuring optimal readability and presentation of the content even under changing ambient light conditions,” explains Kevin Schmidt, Product Manager for System Solutions at DATA MODUL.

The innovative 21.5-inch high-brightness open-frame displays are controlled by the corresponding IPC3-2 standalone controllers. All content can be centrally managed, controlled and simultaneously distributed to all digital signage applications in the park via DATA MODUL's maXcs software.  For example, it is possible to adapted, update and evaluate content depending on the time of day, location group or target group.

competent and reliable partner for our digital signage applications

“With DATA MODUL, we have a competent and reliable partner for our digital signage applications at our side. Not only the high-quality and reliable products - but also the excellent service were the deciding factors for us to implement this important expansion stage together with DATA MODUL. Another advantage was the fact that the scalable maXcs software enables us to easily and seamlessly integrate the high-brightness systems into our existing infrastructure. This way we are able to further expand our modern, digital infrastructure both effectively and according to today's standards,” says Sebastian Jonas, Park Director at Phantasialand.

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