New 31.5” reflective display for state-of-the-art IoT applications


DATA MODUL presents a new reflective display, which is available for the first time in a 31.5” format. It is unique in this size category. Thanks to its low power consumption and excellent readability, particularly under direct sunlight, the new FHD reflective display is perfect for applications in outdoor areas, for example at POS, in the field of digital signage, at bus stops, train stations and in vending machines.

new 31.5” reflective display for state-of-the-art IoT applications

Reflective displays have a versatile range of uses in public spaces. As the content on the screen is easily readable even under strong sunlight, they are very well suited to use in passenger information systems, for example. Equipped with additional features such as Wi-Fi, 5G or Bluetooth, data can be transmitted in real time, allowing the implementation of modern, smart applications,” says Christiane Fleitz, Product Manager Display Solutions at DATA MODUL. “And a reflective display of this size also opens up completely new possibilities with regards to design options and fields of application.

The new 31.5” reflective display from Sharp at DATA MODUL stands out thanks to its particularly low power consumption, which corresponds to just 2% of the power consumption of similar transmissive displays when playing back video content. Like all reflective displays, the 31.5” display uses the available ambient light to make content readable. A brighter ambient light gives clearer visibility of the display. The brightness even increases at higher ambient light. Regardless of the ambient light, the contrast of the 31.5” reflective display keeps constant. An additional backlight with a brightness of 4cd is sufficient to ensure a visibility of the display content at dawn or night time. Due to its low power requirement the display can even get installed at locations without a fixed power source, as it can be powered by using alternative power sources such as batteries, rechargeable batteries or solar power. The power supply is mainly depending on the choice of the right board. Thanks to the low installation depth and low heat generation, the reflective display is particularly well-suited for applications in outdoor areas. Alongside the new 31.5” display, DATA MODUL also offers a variety of reflective and transflective displays with high resolution and temperature ranges from -20°C to +70°C.

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