New monitor solutions incl. LED control & LED lighting available


Flexible LED lighting concepts for visual display systems

DATA MODUL, one of the leading specialist providers of display, touch, embedded, monitor and panel PC solutions, presents its first own LED control unit. The company can now offer individual lighting concepts for display systems which can be easily adapted to the respective customer requirements. 

monitor solutions incl. LED control & LED lighting

This enables applications such as medical devices or vending machines at the POS to give users additional visual feedback by means of LED lighting effects. Information, for example on the status of an automated process, can be indicated quickly and in an attention attracting manner and informs users about an event by showing a predefined status colour.

We can add new features to our system solutions and respond to our customers' needs even better

“DATA MODUL supports and advises its customers throughout the whole product design process – this counts for the selection and development of hardware as well as the associated software,” explains Mirela Lazic Causevic, Product Manager Specialized Division at DATA MODUL. “With our own LED control unit, we can add new features to our system solutions and respond to our customers' needs even better.”

Depending on the mechanical design of the system, so-called LED stripes or LED tubes are seamlessly integrated into the corresponding housing concept for system solutions with LED lighting concepts. In doing so, different configurations can be realised based on the customer's requirements. The possibilities are manifold and range from LEDs mounted on one, two or three sides to LEDs mounted in specific sections or even all around. And with the DATA MODUL LED control unit, these LEDs can then be controlled either individually or as a group. In addition, lighting effects can be flexibly configured so that users can, for example, choose between monocolour light or lighting effects such as flashing, light play or rainbow effect. Light emission from the back can also be realised. This enables indirect lighting effects, such as those used for gaming machines to create pleasant lighting atmospheres.

DATA MODUL now offers two fully pre-configured monitor solutions including LED control unit and LED lighting. The monitors are available with 27" and 31.5" display diagonals and, in addition to LED control unit and LED lighting, are also equipped with a cover glass and optionally with a suitable PCAP sensor. Thanks to the flexible concept, other diagonals can also be quickly and easily realised.

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