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DATA MODUL installs new assembly line in Weikersheim
01.08.2017 11:54

DATA MODUL installs new assembly line in Weikersheim

A new ESD model assembly line, which further improves the ergonomic aspects, flexibility requirements and quality assurance, was recently put into operation at the DATA MODUL Weikersheim production site.

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Ad hoc notification 26th July, 2017
26.07.2017 19:08

Ad-hoc notification 26th July, 2017

Due to the continuing positive development of its business performance during the first half of the fiscal year 2017, DATA MODUL Aktiengesellschaft Produktion und Vertrieb von elektronischen Systemen is adjusting its market guidance for the fiscal year 2017.

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Teaser picture easyTOUCH DISPLAY
11.07.2017 09:26

Touch displays that meet industrial needs

DATA MODUL, the European market leader for industrial visual solutions, is accommodating an increasingly differentiated industrial clientele with individual needs and, as a technology leader in the field of optical bonding with its display refinement brand easyTOUCH, has developed a tiered system to meet highly specific needs

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19.06.2017 15:28

TFT custom sizes for design products

BATRON, the DATA MODUL brand for high-quality graphics and alphanumeric passive and active LCD displays for special applications, is cooperating with designers from Iltis&Wiesel (I&W) on "Design Visual Solutions" for the automotive sector.

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DATA MODUL expands production site in Weikersheim
08.06.2017 09:51

DATA MODUL expands production site in Weikersheim (German only)

DATA MODUL acquires neighboring premises in Weikersheim

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