Passive matrix OLED displays for industrial applications


DATA MODUL offers compact PMOLEDs for industrial applications with its passive matrix OLED product offerings from WiseChip. Due to the large selection of variants and sizes, distinct customer wishes and requirements can be realized effortlessly.

Passive matrix OLED displays for industrial applications

Flexible PMOLEDs are one of such available technological variant. They are not only extremely thin at 0.3 mm, but are also characterized by a bending radius of up to 40 mm, an unlimited viewing angle and a fast response time of maximum of 10 µs. Also on offer are transparent PMOLEDs which, thanks to the high transmission of 50 percent at a wavelength of 550nm, produce a clear image despite transparency, high brightness of 1000 nits, a contrast of 10,000:1and a full 360 degree viewing angle. These features make new product designs easy to achieve, e.g. for automotive, near eye or even AV/AR applications.

In recent years, hyperfluorescence and in-cell touch PMOLEDs have been added to supplement the product range. While hyperfluorescent displays are characterised by a 2.5-fold higher brightness with no increase in power consumption, monochrome PMOLEDs from sizes 0.96 to 1.71 inches have the option to be offered with an integrated in-cell touch solution.

"For small and medium-sized industrial applications, such as printers or card readers, OLED displays with a passive matrix have always been highly popular. Vibrant colours and unique contrasts make the displays interesting for product developers of industrial applications. Contrary to conventional passive LCD displays, PMOLEDs offer more freedom in product design, while also providing many advantages in displaying the desired content.”, explains Christiane Fleitz, Product Management for Display-Solutions at DATA MODUL.

DATA MODUL currently offers the following passive matrix OLED displays:

  • Flexible (1.36” + 1.81”)
  • Transparent (1.51” + 4.1”)
  • Round (1.07”)
  • Monochrome (0.42” – 5.5”)
  • Full-colour (0.6” – 1.69”)
  • Area colour (0.96”)
  • Character (0.69” – 5.8”)

Depending on customers’ requirements, the pixel colours of the DATA MODUL PMOLED displays are available in yellow, green, white, red and blue.

The operating principle of passive matrix OLED displays is in fact the key to its advantages. By default, PMOLEDs work with an alphanumeric and graphic dot matrix resolution. The display background is generally black, while the pixels can be displayed in pre-defined colours. Due to its emissive property, a backlight is not required, enabling the low installation depth of PMOLED displays. This makes the displays ideal for compact and slim product designs. Thanks to their high contrast ratio (up to 10,000:1), PMOLEDs offer best readability without a preferential viewing angle. This is a further advantage, e.g. for applications in which one or several users must read or control an indicated status seen from different angles. This is topped by a very fast reaction time and a long product lifetime of up to 150,000 hours depending on the colour chosen.

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