Perfect functionality with the eMotion NT3:3


Do you already know our self-developed eMotion NT3:3 LCD controller board? In order to meet even the most demanding and complex customer requirements, we have equipped our eMotion NT3:3 with numerous outstanding features which ensure a brilliant image display, extended service life and perfect 24/7 operation of our display solutions.

eMotion NT3:3 LCD controller board

In addition to gamma calibration (e.g. to meet DICOM or ECDIS requirements), the eMotion NT3:3 also offers gamut calibration for excellent image display. The Ambient Light Control (ALC) function allows automatic adjustment of the screen brightness depending on ambient light conditions, ensuring an optimal user experience at all times.

In addition, the power consumption of the devices is reduced to a minimum, thus increasing the service life of our display products. The Life Time Expansion (LTE) function also aims to extend the life of the device. An integrated temperature sensor constantly monitors the temperatures prevailing in the device. If set limits are permanently exceeded, the LTE feature intervenes and reduces the brightness of the TFT backlight to lower the internal temperature and thus prevent heat damage.

Potential burn-in effects are effectively prevented thanks to Pixel Shifting (PXS). The screen content is cyclically shifted by a few pixels at a time, which is barely perceptible to the human eye but ensures that image content is reproduced in excellent quality in the long term.

In addition, the eMotion NT3:3 has an integrated frame buffer that enables various other functions. These include, for example, the freezing of a displayed image (Freeze) or the simultaneous viewing and use of several applications thanks to the Picture-in-Picture function.

Our eMotion NT3:3 LCD controller board supports DP, HDMI and DVI-I video inputs. The board has a 2/4 channel LVDS output with a maximum resolution of 1920x1200@120Hz or 2560x1600@60Hz.

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