Touch controller portfolio expansion


We are expanding our portfolio of touch controllers and updating it to the latest IC generation in order to meet the increasing technical requirements of customers and various application areas.

touch controller data modul

 In addition to established partners such as Microchip and Ilitek, TouchNetix has also been acquired as a new co-operation partner, which now enables an even broader selection of high-quality controllers for a wide range of requirements. This expansion opens up potential in areas such as white goods, industrial kitchens, fitness equipment and marine monitors.

The D series of Microchip controllers (mXT640UD, mXT2952TD) is characterised by remarkable interference immunity and versatile application possibilities.They offer support for multi-touch even under running water as well as improved glove operation. Ilitek's new controllers, such as the ILI2132 and ILI2521, are more robust in ESD tests, have larger flash memory and increased MCU speed, enabling improved touch features such as water and glove operability. TouchNetix controllers, such as AX80A, open up new application possibilities such as hover (3D), force sensing, haptic feedback and integrated knob-on display.

Neslihan Sen, Product Manager - Sensors: "The expanded touch controller portfolio from DATA MODUL sets new standards for PCAP solutions on the market. It offers versatile application possibilities for indoor and outdoor use and various industries such as e-mobility or industrial HMIs. The service for customised touch settings by experienced FAEs remains a unique selling point of DATA MODUL."

We are also working on a new easyTOUCH portfolio that includes glass-based PCAP sensors with chip-on-flex tails and board-to-wire connectors. This solution ensures high transparency and outstanding touch performance, even under demanding operating conditions.

Don't hesitate to contact your DATA MODUL sales partner for more information!

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