Transparent 55″ OLED displays for industrial use


Transparent displays with OLED technology are particularly eye-catching, have a brilliant picture quality and offer a wide range of possible uses. OLED is ideal for creating innovative advertising and information displays that can be used effectively in retail, gastronomy, trade fairs or public facilities and many other applications. We now offer a new 55″ transparent FHD display with extremely high transmittance, bright colours and high contrasts.

55" transparent OLED

In a transparent OLED, each pixel consists of a light-emitting area and a transparent area. The transparent area does not emit light. Transparent OLED displays can transmit light while the user views the displayed image. DATA MODUL’s transparent 55″ FHD OLED displays achieve 38 percent transparency and still allow the viewer to see the display content with high contrast and brilliant colours, but also to see objects behind the display.

Compared to conventional TFT displays, OLED displays do not require additional backlight, which in turn enables an extremely thin structure. The innovative OLED display is either available as a ready-made solution with an OLED glass thickness of 1.38 mm, a cover glass of 4 mm, an OCA adhesive layer of 0.5 mm and a protective film of 0.2 mm on the front and back, resulting in a total thickness of the display of only 6.28 mm. Or alternatively, we offer the pure OLED glass with a thickness of 1.38 mm and a weight of only 3.14 kg, which can be equipped with various additional options such as touch extension or individual glass solutions according to customer requirements.

In addition to the excellent display of content, the extremely thin structure of OLED displays also offers attractive application possibilities. Especially in areas with limited space or special design requirements, our new transparent displays offer modern and efficient solutions for a wide range of applications.

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Transparency opens up completely new possibilities in the design of HMI units

“Transparent OLED displays are becoming increasingly attractive and we see great potential for numerous industries. Transparency opens up completely new possibilities in the design of HMI units and in the presentation of content. In the future we will encounter transparent OLED displays more and more often in particular in the area of digital signage, for example in shop windows and for product presentations at the POS (shelf systems). In the transportation sector, they can be used for example as passenger displays or advertising surfaces in trains, buses or trams instead of windows or at airports but also in meeting rooms, lifts, in showrooms etc. - thus creating entirely new customer experiences. However, medical or industrial applications where it is important to keep both an eye on this displayed information as well as on what is in the background are also conceivable. As display experts, we are here for our customers as a competent consulting partner from the planning stage through to implementation.”

Oguz Gökce, Product Manager at DATA MODUL.

55" transparent OLED
55" transparent OLED
55" transparent OLED

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