maXcs Information system

Our maXcs software is a proven solution for passenger information in airports, railway stations and public transport. As a database-based master/client application, it enables simple content management and monitoring of remote systems. With support for FIDS, BIDS, GIDS, CIDS and PIDS, maXcs is based on a robust server platform (SUSE/Redhead) and is flexibly suitable for various deployment scenarios. Whether stand-alone or integrated into large server infrastructures - maXcs can be flexibly customised. Our software suite is used successfully in over 100 installations worldwide.

maXcs information system

Basic principle

  • Customisable and cost-effective system
  • Sophisticated concept for maximum reliability
  • Fulfilment of individual customer requirements
  • Utilisation of the latest network architecture
  • Control over all available display and server hardware
  • Simple integration of existing or newly developed device types (clients)

Modular set up

  • Object-orientated software platform
  • Efficient system expansions thanks to modular structure
  • Division of the system into scalable segments for scalability in line with requirements
  • Data transfer management with low bandwidth requirements
  • Inhouse developed display clients: ConVis and WebConVis

Individual advantages

  • Configurable and tried-and-tested standard product
  • Can be used for systems of any size
  • Customised expansion and adaptation options
  • Applications specifically for integrated systems

Services & Features

maxcs software features
  • Information system for airports, railway stations, public transport and digital signage applications
  • Flexible and efficient management of customer information
  • Precise control of all integrated display units
  • Regular functional enhancements and updates
  • Remote maintenance and support
  • Closed system for maximum security
  • On-site software installation and training

maXcs documentation


maXcs interfaces


maxcs output

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