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Especially in the field of medical technology, displays are elementary components of computer-controlled systems. At the same time, particularly strict requirements, specifications and guidelines often apply in this field of application, which are not always easy to achieve for the included components. Our products not only cover a wide range of reliable and modern technologies, thanks to our many years of industry expertise, we can also advise our customers professionally and efficiently on complex requirement profiles. Additionally, with our customizing options, we can offer solutions perfectly suited to the required application, regardless of the level of complexity.

ISO Certification

We not only fulfil the high requirements in medical technology with know-how and the highest accuracy, we are also certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485/2016 and thus proven to comply the requirements for providing medical products.

TÜV Certificate ISO 13485:2016 - 2023/2026
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Hygienic requirements for products in medical applications

Especially in the field of medical technology, high hygiene requirements apply, which we intensively addressed in our product development and production since the very beginning. Not only customer requirements play a decisive role in selecting suitable system components, but also the manufacturing process itself and the right choice of materials are important factors for the implementation of hygienically sensitive products.

Overview of our solutions

Hygiene - materials


  • Reinforced cover glass with various surface treatments
  • In-house gap fillig reduces accumulation fo dirt or debris
  • Anti-microbial surface finishes
Hygiene - Cleaning


  • Glass surfaces with good chemical resistance
  • Surface treatments such as anti-glare of fingerprint protection
  • High-quality IP protection for high hygienic requirements
Hygiene - Operation


  • PCAP sensors and tuning for operation with gloves
  • Gesture control for touchless input
  • Voice control to interact without touching
  • Active and passive stylus/pen operation
Hygiene - Technologies


  • PCAP sensors with latest generation touch controllers
  • Enhanced 2D PCAP touch screen with 3D gesture control
  • Camera-based facial recognition systems with state-of-the-art AI

Materials and manufacturing processes

Even the selection of suitable materials has an influence on the quality of the finished end product. And as a result, suitable materials are essential for the hygienic properties of an end product. In accordance with the specifications to be achieved, we use specially prepared cover glasses in our manufacturing processes, for example, which reduce surface contamination through their surface properties. The surface properties of this glass reduce the risk of surface contamination by viruses and bacteria.

Hyclean TEC glass, for example, makes it difficult for bacteria to colonise due to its special surface coating and easy cleaning characteristics. At the same time, the glass is resistant to chemical and mechanical influences as well as UV radiation and retains its full transparency even after long periods of use.

Antimicrobial glass contains ions in the upper layers that eliminate up to 99% of the viruses and bacteria on the glass surface, even after extended use. In addition, the coating prevents the growth of fungi, especially in humid and warm conditions.

Another important factor in guaranteeing maximum sterility is the sealing of the cover glass to the monitor housing. Gap filling, for example, is particularly important for medical touch devices, which is fully automated and carried out under cleanroom conditions by us. In this process, the production-related gap between the cover glass and the frame is closed and thus prevents the ingress of bacteria or dirt.

Glass materials
Medical solutions
Cleaning medical display


Due to their reliable chemical resistance, glass surfaces can be cleaned and disinfected without any problems. Even when using harsh cleaning agents, which are commonly used in many industrial areas to remove bacteria, cleaning is possible without any adverse effects. In addition to special cover glasses, we offer our customers various easy-to-clean materials and surface treatments, depending on the application requirements. Furthermore, IP, dust and splash water protection as well as glare protection or fingerprint protection can be realised.

We can also offer a wide variety of mechanical enclosure types and frames that ensure perfect protection for the respective environmental conditions. Whether stainless steel, powder-coated or special plastic housings: With the help of the extensive experience of our material and system experts, we help to find the right solution to meet the necessary hygiene standards.

Production processes

In order to be able to comply with current hygiene standards, the selection of the right components already in the manufacturing process plays a decisive role in addition to the different input methods. For example, we can offer specially prepared cover glasses that reduce surface contamination by viruses and bacteria due to their surface characteristics. We can also use gap filling to close production-related gaps between the cover glass and the frame, thus preventing the penetration of bacteria or dirt. To guarantee maximum series quality, this process is fully automated and conducted under strict clean room conditions.

In addition, we offer different cover glass variants that meet the system requirements and customer needs - especially in the medical sector.

DATA MODUL competences
Medical stylus
Gesture controle medical
Operating room

Hygienic and contactless input methods

Hygienic input methods play an important role, especially in the medical technology sector. As experts in the field of touch control, we offer various solutions that enable interaction with or without direct contact.

By using input pens, highly precise touch events can be triggered "indirectly", without potentially contaminating the screen. We enable stylus operation based on our own Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP) technology. Thanks to the continuous development of our PCAP controllers, we can also achieve error-free and precise touch performance even when wearing gloves. In this way, we enable safe and hygienic interaction that is equivalent to normal finger operation.

But we can also offer completely touch-free input or interaction methods, customised and application-oriented. The control of systems via gestures enables the completely contactless input of commands. Intuitive operation can be achieved, for example, by swiping or rotating gestures. For the realisation of gesture control, we offer our customers either a camera-based or capacitively controlled system.

In the case of the capacitively controlled solution, we developed a controller board in-house based on Microchip's GestIC® technology, which combines 2D PCAP functionality with 3D gesture control.

In addition to this method, we offer camera-based gesture control. Here, with the help of suitable software, the images captured by the camera system are evaluated and corresponding functions are executed. For 3D gesture control, we use special stereo cameras that can precisely determine movements in three-dimensional space.

We can also offer voice control, which allows the application to be operated contactlessly using an integrated microphone and suitable software. We can realise offline as well as online voice controls, which are optionally based on a cloud system or a local database - customised to the respective application requirements, of course.

Our modular product concept

Modular product concept

For applications in the field of medical and health technology, systems of the highest quality and performance are required. It is important that all components used are not only perfectly matched to each other, but also ensure safety and flawless functionality in their entirety.

In our modular product concept, we combine all of our company's technology areas into one system. Thanks to modern display technologies, the latest embedded boards and controllers, as well as innovative touch extensions, efficient manufacturing processes and a wide range of housing variants, we can offer our customers tailor-made solutions from a single source.

Discover now our modular product concept!


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