First-class performance requires passion and dedication along the entire supply chain

It is for this reason that we maintain a close cooperation with our suppliers who provide us with the fundamental components and products.

If you would like to become a supplier for DATA MODUL or if as a manufacturer you are interested in being represented by DATA MODUL, please read the principles of our working method set out below.

Since we are interested in long-term partnerships, it is very important for us that we share a common understanding and that our partners share our philosophy

Our purchasing vision:

With a cost-optimised, secure and sustainable supply, we are able to ensure the success of our customers together with our suppliers.

Distribution Partners

Our Purchasing department has the following objectives:

  • Stable, long-term partnerships
  • Focus on main suppliers
  • Joint constant optimisation of the entire supply chain
  • Best practice philosophy
  • Optimisation of material costs

Requirements for our suppliers:

  • The will to accept and actively support DATA MODUL as customer with our requirements and specifications
  • High level of product and material quality (zero defect strategy), in terms of both delivery and long-lasting quality
  • Working on the basis of sophisticated quality management processes:
    Our global customer base demands compliance with all regional quality standards. DATA MODUL takes its suppliers as seriously as its own departments and in return expects the same sincerity regarding compliance with requirements. The ISO 9001 certification is a minimum requirement for supplying serial products. Under certain circumstances, higher standards might be required for customer-specific projects. Certifications pursuant to ISO 13485, IATF 16949 and others are therefore beneficial
  • Reliability and flexibility are fundamental
  • Current and innovative products at competitive prices
  • Ethical business practices, environmental responsibility, occupational health and safety guidelines, as well as HR and management work
  • Financial stability as well as effective business continuity plans and processes
  • Acknowledgement of our Quality Assurance Agreement
  • Development and systems expertise
  • International terms and conditions
  • DATA MODUL feels strongly about sustainability and protection of the environment. We therefore expect our suppliers to introduce an environment management system pursuant to ISO14001

DATA MODUL procurement program / Commodities

The DATA MODUL Strategic Purchasing Department is domiciled in Germany and has central responsibility for global procurement. The purchasing volumes range from as little as 100 items per year for special projects, up to tens of thousands for larger customer projects. Standard products and trading goods may even go significantly beyond this

DATA MODUL uses a central product group management which applies in all subsidiaries and product divisions. Click here for a list of the different product groups

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Insofar as no specific agreements have been made, the DATA MODUL General Terms and Conditions of Purchase apply. Other General Terms and Conditions (GTCs) will not be accepted.

General Conditions of Purchase DATA MODUL AG
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Allgemeine Einkaufsbedingungen DATA MODUL AG
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General Conditions of Purchase DATA MODUL Inc.
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If you are interested in becoming a partner of DATA MODUL and consent to the above terms and conditions for this, then please send an email to stating the product groups which you would like to manage.

Your DATA MODUL Purchasing Team