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Touch solutions are an essential part of our product portfolio. As a leading supplier of PCAP touch modules, we have all common bonding technologies available. For a perfect touch experience, we focus on touch sensors and controller boards developed in-house. We offer complete PCAP / PCT (Projected Capacitive) solutions - consisting of touch sensor, controller, firmware, cover glass and optical bonding - all from one source.

Our touch technologies

Projected Capacitive (PCAP)

In PCAP technology, the touchscreen has conductive structures (ITO or metal mesh), which are on a basic substrate (PET film or glass). The electrodes are arranged in a diamond matrix shape and generate a capacitive field as soon as voltage is applied. If a conductive object, such as a finger, interrupts the field, this causes a change in capacitance between the two electrodes. The touch controller used can detect and reliably evaluate the point of contact or the change in position in the capacitive field.


Resistive Touch (RTP)

Resistive touchscreens consist of two conductive layers separated by spacers called spacer dots. As soon as a user touches the screen, the two layers come into contact and cause a current flow. Through the resulting electrical voltage difference, the touch controller recognises the position of the input.

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)

SAW technology uses sound waves for communication. Piezoelectric transmitters create a frequency change of surface waves on the sensor. By touching, these waves are partially interrupted and allow the position of the finger to be accurately determined.


Infrared touch technology is based on the interruption of an infrared light grid. The IR sensor contains a number of infrared LEDs. Each of these infrared LEDs has a corresponding phototransistor on the opposite side, creating a grid of invisible infrared light beams. By interrupting the infrared light beams (e.g. by a finger or pen), the input can be precisely determined.

easyTOUCH - our touch products


Our products of the easyTOUCH series enable us to offer individual solutions and short delivery times for customer-specific requirements. This makes us unique in the market and corresponds to our goal of always offering suitable and efficient solutions for touchscreen products.

Customizing solutions

Modern production and assembly facilities, as well as continuous further developments, ensure our claim to quality and sustainability for customer-specific touch solutions. As experts in the field of bonding technologies and thanks to our comprehensive support and services, we are able to develop the best solutions with our customers - already during the consultation.

Custom Touch

Distribution products

Touch distribution products

Discover our extensive distribution portfolio of touch components for industrial use. Our range includes diverse solutions such as pre-configured capacitive and resistive touch panels, which are ideally suited for demanding areas of application and are also characterised by long-term availability.

Product catalogue

PCAP Touch Sensors

PCAP Touch

From multi-touch with up to 10 touch points, to maximum optical transparency, to PCAP enhancement such as haptic feedback or gesture recognition - we offer a wide range of options for modern touch input methods.

Resistive Touch

Resistive Touch

Even under the influence of liquids or for operation with gloves - our resistive touch solutions with 4-wire or 5-wire sensors can be implemented easily and cost-efficiently!

Touch Displays

Touch displays

Discover our extensive portfolio of modern touch displays. Even for complex applications you will find suitable products in our product catalogue. And for special requirements, we offer a wide variety of optimisation and encapsulation methods.

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Customizing at DATA MODUL

Customised solutions

From the concept to the final product: we offer system engineering at the highest level as well as competent expert consultation in the areas of display, touch, embedded and systems.

Sectors & Markets of DATA MODUL

Sectors & Markets

From industrial HMI to medicine and digital signage applications. We offer customised display solutions for a wide range of applications.

Competencies of DATA MODUL

Our competences

Our experience, industry expertise and market knowledge in all areas of display technology make us the perfect partner for professional display solutions.

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