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DATA MODUL – Projected Capacitive Touch Technology

In the area of projected capacitive touch screens (PCAP/PCT), DATA MODUL places emphasis on its in-house developed easyTOUCH Series, which is supplemented by standard products from the distribution portfolio.

The PCAP sensors and controller boards are developed for industrial use and make multi-finger and gesture control possible. The ample touch solution portfolio is based on cutting-edge sensor materials like glass/film/film, SITO or OGS. Thanks to our own tail bonding process, easyTOUCH sensor design convinces with extremely thin fringe and high flexibility in the tail structure.

The in-house development team places its main focus on supporting the customer to integrate the touch screen into an overall system. Touch sensor, controller and firmware are perfectly aligned with each other. All requirements regarding glove compatibility and contact with water and dirt are met. EMC compatibility is guaranteed as well.

easyTOUCH - Projected capacitive touch technology by DATA MODUL

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