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Japanese touch panel manufacturer DMC is going to continue with the production of resistive touch panels in the future. While more and more manufacturers are concentrating exclusively on the production of PCAP touches, DMC is continuing to back tried-and-tested 4-wire resistive touch technology in the future – in contrast to the general trend. And, at the end of the day, it is not only display distributors such as DATA MODUL who will benefit from this, but also all those industrial customers whose application does not necessarily require a more elaborate and expensive PCAP solution.

The DMC product range contains a whole series of standard versions from 5.7” to 21.3”, which are available in 4:3 format, as well as in wide format. Furthermore, DMC already began specializing in the production of customer-specific touch panels some time ago. Customers perceive the advantages of the resistive technology in, among other things, their reliability, their optimal price-performance ratio, the simple integration of the panel in the final application, their long-term availability, their ability to be operated while wearing gloves, and their high service life of over 10 million touch operations. Depending on requirements, the touch panel design can be delivered with many options, e.g.: anti-reflection film, anti-fingerprint film, smooth touch film, privacy filter, etc. The integration, i.e. the incorporation of the touch panel into the final application, is simple: apply tape to the TFT, place the touch on top, and done.

“Of course, DMC is not closing itself off to the current trends, and is continuing to produce Glass to Glass PCAP solutions in Japan. However, the company is doing well to concentrate on its key area of expertise and on the production of resistive touch panels in their Indonesian factory,” says Sandra Bismanns, Product Marketing, Line Management at DATA MODUL, and adds: “We are very happy that a serious manufacturer such as DMC is continuing with production. The panels have been very popular with our industrial customers for over 10 years now, and are just as in demand now as they were then. With their guaranteed long-term availability of at least +5 years, we are also able to reliably continue these plans for our customers.”

DATA MODUL has been delivering many versions for over 10 years and, what’s more, can offer a touch panel version for every common display size. For less common formats, there is the possibility of developing a customer-specific touch panel; this will then, upon customer request, be applied in the production facilities of the touch display specialist under clean room conditions.
It is almost impossible to get by without touch technology, even in the industrial sector, and, thanks to DMC, resistive touch panels remain a reliable and attractive option.

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