DATA MODUL AG Financial Reports

Konzern-Kennzahlen1 gemäss IFRS und alternativen Leistungskennzahlen2

Revenue 218,256197,079 180,300 155,915
EBITDA18,32417,06015,331 13,257
EBIT margin in % 7.3
Net income10,623 10,2288,4137,573
Shareholders' equity79,571 70,02760,24648,036
Shareholders' equity ratio in % 71.868.066.660.0
Working Capital 56,193 52,85444,69139,543
Cash flow6,6746,3257,04913,799
Capital expenditures4,4274,0312,7192,471
Average annual number without apprentices
Revenue per employee542499495448
Earnings per share in euros3.012.902.41 2.23
Cash flow per share in euros1.891.792.003.91
Dividend per share in euros0.120.120.12 0.12
Stock price at year end in euros70.0049.0036.9020.00
Highest stock price in euros53.00 38.0920.82
Lowest stock price in euros 49.0035.01 19.9116.31

EBITDA: EBITDA stands for earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization. It is derived from EBIT plus depreciation, amortization and impairment.

EBIT: EBIT stands for earnings before interest and taxes. It is derived from gross margin minus research and development expenses and selling and general administrative expenses.

EBIT margin: EBIT margin is calculated as the ratio of EBIT to revenue.

Working Capital: Working Capital describes the net working capital. It is derived from trade accounts receivable net of allowance for doubtful accounts plus inventories minus trade accounts payable.

Cash flow: Cash flow describes the cash flow from operating activities. It is derived from net income minus non-cash income plus non-cash expenses.

Capital expenditures: Capital expenditures are derived from capitalized development costs plus capital expenditures in other intangible and fixed assets.

Cash flow per share: Cash flow per share describes the cash flow from operating activities per share.

DATA MODUL Group uses alternative performance measures in its regulatory and mandatory publications. The alternative performance measures are not defined by the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and supplement the figures calculated in accordance with IFRS. The alternative performance measures used are listed and explained separately unless they are self-explanatory.

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Beate Junker
Head of Finance & Human Resources

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