New high-resolution 3.5" TFT display from Toppan/Ortustech

New to our portfolio is a high-resolution 3.5" TFT display from the manufacturer Toppan/Ortustech.

The COM35H3R07ULC is based on the optimised Blanview 3 technology, which enables a further improvement in the reflection of the TFTs. Thanks to this technology, the TFT display can now be read optimally even in direct sunlight with an LED illumination of only 400 cd/m², while the power consumption remains comparatively low. With a resolution of 640 x 960 dots and a contrast ratio of 700:1, the new TFT display delivers razor-sharp and brilliant images. It is ideal for medical applications, battery-powered devices, mobile applications and various outdoor applications.

It features an extended temperature range of -20 to +70 °C and an LED lifetime of around 70,000 hours. The display is available in portrait mode and has a viewing angle of 80°/80°/80°.

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Touchless operation via voice control

Did you know that we offer an innovative voice control for industrial HMI applications that enables touch-free control of machines and devices?

Especially in situations where operators do not have a hand free to touch a device, our voice control offers an efficient and convenient solution. It can be used both online and offline. In offline mode, a limited set of commands is available, allowing the user to perform the most important functions of the device by voice command. The microphone is configured to filter out ambient noise and recognise only the user's voice, providing excellent handling. The system can be connected via a 5V or 3.3V power supply as well as via line-in or USB audio connection and can be connected to our i.MX8Mm SBC.

At this year's Embedded World in Nuremberg, we presented an impressive demo that clearly demonstrated the advantages of voice control. With the help of keywords such as "set colour to" and "green", an LED strip could be controlled and its colour adjusted. The microphone had a selective effect and could clearly recognise the user's voice despite strong ambient noise. Our voice control offers great potential for touchless control of signage and POS/POI applications, as well as for controlling machines and devices in industrial environments.

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congatec AMD Ryzen V2000 COM Express Module

Now available: AMD Ryzen V2000 COM Express Module

We present our new partner product: the AMD Ryzen V2000 COM Express Module from congatec. With up to 8 processor cores and a maximum boost frequency of 4.25 GHz, it offers impressive computing power. The optimised Vega7 GPU core supports up to 4 independent video streams, which is an advantage for many applications.

The conga-TCV2 module is also equipped with comprehensive Edge AI capabilities and up to 7 powerful compute units to meet even the most demanding applications. This makes it the perfect solution for edge computing applications that require the highest performance.

The AMD Ryzen V2000 COM Express module is now available. With our innovative solutions, we are happy to support you in the implementation of your projects.

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Alex Trica - Head of Research & Development at DATA MODUL

Keynote at this year's SID Display Week

This year we will again be represented as exhibitors at the SID Display Week. As part of the symposium there, Alexander Trica, Head of Research & Development at DATA MODUL, will give his keynote on the topic of "Outdoor displays for industrial applications". The presentation will take place on 24 May from 15:30 to 16:50 and will offer valuable insights into the challenges of implementing outdoor display solutions, including technical aspects such as temperature management.

As every year, SID Display Week gathers display industry professionals from around the world to demonstrate the latest developments in the display sector. This year's conference will take place from 21 to 26 May in Los Angeles.

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Participation at EOT fair in Denmark

Visit us at the EOT fair in Denmark and experience our highlight product: the powerful SBC based on the i.MX8M processor series. The eDM-SBC-iMX8MPlus offers full modularity and is perfectly suited for a wide range of AI applications. With different quad-core processor variants and different memory sizes as well as a variety of interfaces, it is easily scalable and adapts perfectly to your requirements.
We look forward to meeting you at our booth!

Digital Signage
Logo maXcs

maXcs software now also runs in web browsers

We now offer the option to use the in-house developed maXcs software with the standard web browsers on numerous signage monitors. Airports in Singapore, Hong Kong and Stuttgart or at other facilities such as amusement parks are already successfully working with the software. Customers can now also use conventional web browsers to display text, images and videos. The maXcs software includes numerous key features and enables customers to implement projects cost-efficiently and flexibly without being bound to a specific hardware determined by the manufacturer.

The enhancement of our maXcs software by browser-based content display is an important step for us to offer our customers even more flexibility. This opens up new possibilities for the implementation of projects, in particular for customers in the retail, airport, transport and digital signage sectors”, explains Kevin Schmidt, Product Manager Signage Division.

More information about our maXcs software


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System Solutions
ALC Sensor Board by DATA MODUL

Ambient Light Sensor Board

Discover the features of our Ambient Light Sensor Board, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the display to the ambient light conditions. This not only extends the lifetime of the display, but also saves energy.

The sensor detects light in the spectrum of the human eye and is perfectly suited for applications such as self-check-in/check-out, user recognition and access authorization or for successful queue management e.g. in retail. The board is designed to work with our proprietary eMotion NT scaler boards and features a high-sensitivity, low-power light sensor technology with I²C interface. It offers excellent IR and UV rejection, as well as integrated 50/60Hz noise suppression. The measured light intensity is used to adjust the display brightness. The board features a wide temperature range and can be modified and customized upon customer request.

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i.MX8MPlus SCMARC Compter-on-Module from Congatec

New products from congatec with SystemReady-IR certification

Our partner congatec has received SystemReady IR certification for its SMARC Computer-on-Modules based on NXP i.MX 8M Plus processor technology.

This IR certification from ARM ensures that edge devices meet certain hardware and firmware requirements to guarantee trouble-free operation of commercial and community operating systems. Customers who purchase these certified products benefit from improved compatibility, lower development and certification costs, more system choices and easier time to market.
Standardized firmware interfaces also reduce maintenance costs.

Available are: the new COM conga-SMX8-Plus and the carrier board conga-SMC1/SMARC-ARM.

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Presentations at the electronic displays conference

The electronic displays conference in Nuremberg will be starting shortly, and DATA MODUL will once again be represented there with two exciting keynotes.

On 15 March from 2:00 to 2:20, Robert Meier, Product Manager at DATA MODUL's Industrial Division, will give a presentation on "Challenge accepted: Handheld Devices for Industrial Usage", in which he will explain the specific requirements that handheld devices must meet in industrial environments.

On 16 March from 09:10 to 09:30, Claus Vogt, Head of Display Solutions at DATA MODUL, will give a presentation entitled "E-Paper and Art-Displays: Paper Goes Digital". He will present the functionality, advantages and disadvantages as well as application examples of E-paper and art displays.

The electronic displays conference is an annual event for display technology and will take place from 15 to 16 March in Nuremberg. It offers a platform for exchange, networking and presentations on the latest developments in display technology.


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