New bonding process for small diagonals


As a leading provider of complex display and system solutions, we are responding to the increasing demand for robust touch displays in the small diagonal range. For this purpose, our production capacities have been expanded to include a new optical bonding process that is specially designed for small display sizes. 

New bonding machine for small diagonals

In this new process, based on LOCA technology, the bonding between display, glass and touch sensor is carried out under an electric field, enabling the efficient manufacturing of displays solutions between 1 and 7 inches.

The new bonding process complements our currently available range of bonding technologies - consisting of LOCA, OCA, gel and hybrid bonding - and it is suitable for the bonding of touch sensors and customised cover glasses as well as for classic display bonding. Depending on customer requirements, round and square displays can be realised in addition to standard rectangular formats.

Continuous investment in new technologies

“Continuous investment in new technologies and the expansion and adaptation of our existing production processes to current market requirements has always been one of our top priorities. By expanding our bonding expertise to the field of small diagonals, we are closing a gap in our service portfolio and thus offering an innovative bonding process that is optimised for display sizes between 1 and 7 inches and it allows us to offer professional display solutions for e.g. handheld devices or wearables in medium to high quantities - and at competitive prices.”

Dr. Diana Nanu, Product Manager at DATA MODUL

Appication examples

Bonding for small diagonals - Smartwatch
New bonding process for small diagonals - medical
Automotive combi instruments

Advantages of optical bonding

Excellent readability

By applying a layer of adhesive between the display and the cover glass, the air-filled gap is closed. This not only joins the components firmly together, it also changes the light reflection behaviour. Optical bonding allows more light to be transmitted without loss, which significantly improves the display's image and readability. Even in particularly bright ambient light or in direct sunlight, content can be displayed perfectly and with high contrast.

Readability of bonded displays


With the help of our optical bonding processes, we can increase the robustness of our displays to such an extent that they can be operated precisely and without errors even under challenging environmental conditions. The fixed connection of the display to the touch unit reduces the sensitivity to mechanical impact and also prevents the penetration of impurities. Extreme temperatures, humidity and liquids, dust, vibrations or possible violence can thus be countered in the best possible way.


Robustness of bonded displays

Prevent condensation

Clouding or fogging of a display is often due to humidity intrusion when operating in highly varying temperature ranges. Optical bonding fills the gap between the display and the touch unit with the adhesive. This prevents (air) humidity from entering the space between the glass and the display and condensing on the surface.

Bonding prevents condensation

Excellent readability

Improved presentation of content - even in high light intensity.


Increased robustness - even under harsh environmental conditions.

Prevent condensation

Bonding prevents the entry of humidity and thus the fogging of the display - even during strong temperature fluctuations.

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