easyTOUCH DISPLAY Starter Kit

Our easyTOUCH Display Starter Kit contains all the components needed to get a fully functional touch display unit up and running quickly and easily. The combination of our 13.3" easyTOUCH display with an eMotion LCD controller board allows an easy entry into the PCAP and display world of DATA MODUL. The included easyANALYZER software also offers professional PCAP tuning and debugging at developer level.


13.3" easyTOUCH Starter Kit

13.3" easyTOUCH Display Starter Kit

Our 13.3" easyTOUCH display consists of a 2.0mm chemically hardened cover glass, an ITO glass based (SITO) PCAP with a USB mXT2952TD touch controller board, and the AUO Full HD Display G133HAN01.0. All components are perfectly matched and bonded in-house.

Scope of delivery

A configured eMotion LCD controller board including OSD (On-Screen-Display) are applicable as a plug&play solution to drive the easyTOUCH Display. Necessary cables connecting the components are included. This includes LVDS cable, LED cable, OSD cable, USB cable, DVI to HDMI cable and a 12V power supply (US / EU).

easyTOUCH Starter Kit - easyTOUCH Display 13.3 inch

13,3" easyTOUCH display

easyTOUCH Starter Kit - eMotion Board

eMotion board

easyTOUCH Starter Kit - OSD Board

OSB board

easyTOUCH Starter Kit - Power cables

+12V power supply, power cable (EU/US)

easyTOUCH Starter Kit - Cables

DVI/HDMI cable, LVDS, LED, OSD cable

easyTOUCH Starter Kit - USB cable

I2C-to-USB adapter cable

easyTOUCH Starter Kit - USB Stick easyANALYZER software

easyANALYZER Software (USB stick)

Downloads 13.3" Starter Kit

Quick Start Guide easyTOUCH DISPLAY Starter Kit 13.3"
208.18 KB
Specification 13.3" easyTOUCH DISPLAY Starter Kit 13.3"
4.69 MB


With our easyANALYZER software, debug, analysis and log data can be accessed and settings can be changed. In addition, a variety of touch parameters can be adjusted and malfunctions can be detected at an early stage and analysed with little effort. The software is compatible with Windows and Linux.

More about our touch software

easyTOUCH Starter Kit - Screenshot easyANALYZER

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