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As a manufacturer of diverse, intuitive user interface components, our long-standing partner Grayhill develops optical encoders, rotary switches, keypads, joysticks as well as push buttons for state-of-the-art HMI applications. Grayhill's products perfectly complement our own range of components and services and can be optimally integrated into a variety of customer-specific applications as well as individually adapted. Discover the product diversity of Grayhill!

Powerful touch encoders

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By combining a rotary encoder with a touch-sensitive colour display, Grayhill has succeeded in realising a user interface that combines the functionality of a touch screen, keyboard and rotary switch in just one product. By tapping or swiping on the display and turning the rotary encoder, users can make various device inputs. Thanks to fully customisable widgets, the touch encoders can be used in a variety of ways, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, such as in aviation, automation or robotics.

The high-performance devices are rated for at least 1 million revolutions, support USB as well as CAN J1939 communication and feature a robust design and IP67 sealing.

Learn more about Grayhill's Touch Encoders here:

Optical and hall effect encoders & joysticks

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Optical rotary encoders with optional joysticks or push buttons provide users with direct, tactile feedback when an action is performed. Due to their non-contact switching technology with infrared LEDs, they offer the advantage of an extremely long operating life. The high-runner 62 series is available for voltages of 3.3 V and 5.0 V, as well as a high-torque version that clearly emphasises the haptic sensation of rotation.

In a Hall-effect encoder, a Hall-effect sensor magnetically senses the position of another moving part, such as the shaft in a joystick or the encoder. This relational position can be output from the device in a variety of formats, including I2C, open collector or push-pull output. Hall-effect encoders are ideal for use in low-power, low-voltage applications.

All information on optical and Hall-effect encoders as well as joysticks can be found here:

CANbus keyboards, joysticks and MMI controls

hmi canbus keypads

The Grayhill Legacy Series 3J Vehicle Display Controller (VDC) is a user interface device for on-board software. The VDC has an optical rotary encoder for scrolling through various menu options and a centre button for selecting these options. Five shortcut keys are arranged around the centre shaft for quick access to the most common functions. CANopen and J1939 protocols are available as standard options.

Grayhill's 3K Series CANbus keypads are also available in J1939 or CANopen protocol versions and can be seamlessly integrated into vehicle electronic systems. Their IP67 sealing and compact design make them ideal for agricultural, construction and mining vehicles.

The button labels of both product groups can be selected from a library of ISO standard symbols or extended with additional symbols if required. The integrated LED backlighting is dimmable, giving users more flexibility in reducing their power consumption. Both the 3J and 3K are capable of self-diagnostics, including monitoring the supply voltage, checking the LED display and detecting key malfunctions.

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